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50 Ways to Flourish After Divorce

50WaystoFlorishAfterDivorce  Finding your way through the haze…How do I know? Because I’ve been there. As a Certified Life Coach, Money Coach and divorced mom myself, I’ve had the chance to talk to many other men and women who have been there, too.We shared the ways we managed the emotional roller coaster of divorce and slowly, became whole again.This is the book on divorce I wish I’d had in those difficult days. Here I’ve collected dozens of ways to cope with the pain – to get through this moment and heal just a little bit more.Format: eBook with Bonus MaterialsLearn more

Money 101: Master Your Money Before it Masters You

A Guide for Parents and Teens

This book will entertain, empower, inspire and teach your teens about money and life.

We start with some of the basics, such as the importance of our mindset, debit and credit cards, balancing a checkbook and spending habits. As we move through the book, we’ll discuss investments, credit scores and even cover mortgages and how to buy your first home.

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How To Ditch Your Allowance and Be Richer Than Your Parents

“What seems at first glance to be a loving message from mother to son about becoming financially responsible is so much more. In Patti J. Handy’s inspiring and delightful book, “How to Ditch Your Allowance and Be Richer Than Your Parents! 9 Wealth Building Tools to Make a Teen Rich”, she introduces teenagers and young adults to some very important concepts guaranteed to enrich their lives and empower their decisions.”Format: Available in paperback or downloadable PDF formatTo learn more, click here.  

Thank God I

$19.97 (Volume 3)

Thank God I”, is a trilogy of books, written by various authors who share their personal stories of incredible triumph. My personal story, Thank God I got divorced, is one of them. I invite you to read my story, as well as the others in Volume 3, for inspiration and an experience like no other.Format: Paperback Only

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