How can a broken heart hurt so much?


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I’ll never forget it. My 18-month-old son was sleeping peacefully upstairs. My husband sat across from me, staring at the floor. “I want a divorce.” It took me a minute to realize I stopped breathing. I felt my world explode.

In that moment, everything I thought was real was obliterated. The pain and shock were unimaginable.

After he left, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the next hour, much less the days and months ahead.

Maybe you’re feeling that way right now. Please know you’re not alone.

There is hope. It’s hard to imagine while you’re going through it, but you will survive – and in time, even thrive. Here you will learn how to heal a broken heart and move forward.

Finding your way through the haze…

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. As a Certified Life Coach, Money Coach and divorced mom myself, I’ve had the chance to talk to many other men and women who’ve been there, too.

We shared the ways we managed the emotional roller coaster of divorce and slowly, became whole again.

This is the book on divorce I wish I’d had in those difficult days. Here I’ve collected dozens of ways to cope with the pain – to get through this moment and heal just a little bit more.

I wanted someone to tell me what to do…

I understand how hard it can be to concentrate during this time, so this book was written to be read just a paragraph or two at a time.

I’ve included 50 simple, doable strategies to help you through the dark hours and days, and into the better times ahead.

Written in a format that’s easy to digest, designed to be read over and over, as often as you need it…

There are plenty of books out there about divorce, but this one is purposefully written in an easy, accessible style. Just little snippets to help you cope when your world is falling apart.

And each day, although sometimes it’ll be hard to tell, you’ll be healing a little bit more.

One day, you’ll realize that you’re whole again. And you won’t need this little book of survival tips any more.

May you find great comfort, understanding and hope between its pages.

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For some people, the hardest thing about divorce is the financial burden. Not only separating assets, but for some of us, learning – maybe for the first time – how to deal with our finances.So I’ve written a second volume – a companion to 50 Ways to Survive Divorce – to help you through the stressful rebuilding of your financial life.One of the greatest blessings I had during my divorce was the fact that I knew I would be okay financially. I was lucky enough to be trained in the financial field. However many of my friends weren’t so lucky.This easy-to-follow book will take you through “6 Steps to Financial Healing After Divorce.” You CAN do this. I’ll show you how. When you order “50 Ways to Flourish After Divorce,” I’m going to send you “6 Steps to Financial Healing After Divorce” as a FREE bonus gift!Because I want you to do more than survive. When the healing is complete, I want you to thrive.
“She’s so sad…I wish I could help, but nothing seems to make her smile.”Is someone you love going through a divorce? I understand it’s hard to know what to say or when to say it. 50 Ways to Flourish After Divorce can “be there” for your friend, your mom, dad, son or daughter during those long nights when they’re learning to live on their own again.
“I needed you, but I just got voicemail. What can I do to get through the middle of the night?”If you counsel others, this book is a caring gift to share.Give your clients 50 clear, simple coping mechanisms to reach for when your office is closed. Actions as simple as taking a bath, to getting out of the house, to allowing a good, long cry.These tools can get them through the night – or the week – until they see you again.
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To your journey and healing…

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